Daily Decisions brings together collaborative works by designers and artists from the Disarming Design Department of Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. The presented projects generously share daring dialogues, collective collages, memorising methods, unexpected unions, sophisticated structures, tentative translations and intuitive instruments. Disconnect and connect, displace and place, undo and do together our Daily Decisions.

9–12 June

Decision of the Day Divine Dialects

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Language Cafe
Siwar Kraitem, Rasha Dakkak

Language Café is a discussion forum for language, semantics, and translation. Five discussion moments/installations have been organized concentrating on the battle of narratives through terms, introducing new ones, withdrawing existing ones, and sometimes expanding on current meanings.

In its first encounter, The Language of Oppression and Resistance, tackled over four sessions the language used in media, social media, power plays, and the dominant discourse on the Palestine question, as Said put forward. Among the many terms and concepts debated are Nakba, Intifada, and Apartheid.