Daily Decisions brings together collaborative works by designers and artists from the Disarming Design Department of Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. The presented projects generously share daring dialogues, collective collages, memorising methods, unexpected unions, sophisticated structures, tentative translations and intuitive instruments. Disconnect and connect, displace and place, undo and do together our Daily Decisions.

9–12 June

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Radio Roots
November 2021
Sarah Saleh, Lama Aloul, Saja Amro, Anna Celda, Ayman Hassan, Samira Vogel

Monday November 29 and Tuesday November 30th
11am-11pm Palestine (Palestine Time)

a 24-hr international online radio broadcast marathon
about Palestinian ecology and solidarity
Roots is a 24 hour broadcast marathon that explores how the territorial and environmental conditions in Palestinian are functions of geopolitical ecology and solidarity. The broadcast will feature sound, music, and conversation from Palestine and its diaspora networks. The transmission is translingual in Arabic and English.

The Broadcast was featured as part of BIENALSUR, and co-produced by radioee.net in collaboration with the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at Birzeit University (Palestine); Radio alHara (Bethlehem); Spatialradio.live from Central Saint Martins MA Narrative Environments (London) and Diasbura Radio from Sandberg Institute MA Disarming Design (Amsterdam).

Graphic designed by Mothanna Hussein